EDGAR Services include:

• No initial set-up fee

• Free editing and formatting

• No SEC Filing fee


XBRL Services included in

your price:

• Table formatting

• Unlimited customer support

• Quick turnaround time

• Personal filing agent


We are a full service financial filing and printing agent, providing prompt and efficient EDGAR document conversion (EDGARizing) for public companies.


Whether you have a shareholders’ meeting or an informational mailing we are here to help you navigate the process and deliver materials to your shareholders in an accurate and timely manner.

Transfer Agent Services

Proxy and Printing partners with Island Stock Transfer. A full service transfer agency registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is a participant of the DWAC-FAST system with DTCC.

We are here to help!


We value the relationships we have with our clients, and place their interests ahead of our own.



We honor our fiduciary relationships with our clients and strive to preserve assets, then enhance them.



Our reputation is important to us, both with our clients and within our industry.



We deal with clients in an honest, ethical manner, and maintain high ethical standards in our professional and personal lives.



Our goal is to provide our clients with results that consistently exceed their expectations.