Proxy & Printing is now offering press release distribution via NASDAQ GlobeNewswire!

  Proxy & Printing and NASDAQ GlobeNewswire have reached an agreement whereby GlobeNewswire will offer their press release services to       clients of Proxy & Printing and Island Stock Transfer at discounted rates.GlobeNewswire is a NASDAQ OMX company, and one of the nation’s     largest newswire distribution networks.


 GlobeNewswire Full Service Distribution Network:


· GlobeNewswire holds the industry’s most competitive standard rates as compared to other Tier-1 newswire services with no annual fees or         required subscriptions (20-50% less expensive)

· US Domestic and International distribution capabilities (including complete text translation as needed)

· Capabilities of handling earnings releases with tables and charts

· Full Financial Disclosure for your market-moving news as outlined by the SEC, Reg. FD, and SOX

· Ability to not only reach and deliver to mainstream media but also a wide array of websites and industry trade publications

· Offers various multimedia options to captivate your readers attention

· Search Engine Optimization metadata keyword tagging capabilities

· Dedicated Account Manager assignment, full Editorial review and 24/7/365 client support

· Able to target specific regions and territories (i.e. city, state, international, etc.)

· Post distribution reporting and analysis within your account access

· 500 word count standard versus all other competition at 400 word count standard.

· A one-time Trial Discount of 10% is available for Proxy & Printing clients their first GlobeNewswire press release


   ****Larger and fixed discounts are available in the form of commitments of volume and/or exclusivity.


For more information on NASDAQ GlobeNewswire, please contact:


Justin Bonifacino





*Please obtain guidance from legal counsel regarding the application of the Fair Disclosure rules to your press release..