Island Stock Transfer

A full service transfer agency registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is a participant of the DWAC-FAST system with DTCC.We are committed to a higher level of responsiveness, efficiency and customer service.


We are a partner to over 500 companies and their shareholders. Island Stock Transfer services include, but not limited to, recording shareholder ownership, corporate actions, full annual meeting services and information mailings.

Island Access

Island boasts an innovative paperless processing system for the entire scope of its operations. This allows us to give you the very best of what a transfer agent can offer, and then some.

Provides an Online Access to Shareholder Reports and Activity.


Island Stock Transfer is a DTC authorized D.W.A.C./F.A.S.T. (FAST Automated Securities Transfer Program) and D.R.S. (Direct Registration System) participant. These programs allow shareholders to hold a security as the registered owner in electronic form on the books of the transfer agent rather than holding a physical certificate.


The D.W.A.C./F.A.S.T. and D.R.S. processes decrease the time required to transfer and delivery securities. As an agent of these programs, Island Stock Transfer provides a higher rate of responsiveness and efficiency by which securities are delivered to brokerage firms.


* DWAC, FAST, and DRS Processing

* Delivery & Execution Plan

* Monthly Street Name (NOBO) Movement Analysis

* Account Maintenance

* Shareholder Relations

* Proxies and Annual Meetings

* Tax Reporting

* Lost Shareholder Tracking and Escheatment

* Annual Reports Distribution

* Dividend Payment and Reinvestment Plans

* Direct Stock and Employee Stock Purchase Plans

* Warrant and/or Rights AgentInvestment 

* and more.....